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    just the facts please


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    just the facts please  Empty just the facts please

    Post by Bruhub on Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:10 am

    Did you know:

    Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

    Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

    The elephant is the only animal with 4 knees

    In ancient Rome, when a man testified in court he would swear on his testicles

    80% of all pictures on the internet are of naked women

    The IRS admits that one in five people who call their help line get the wrong answer to their question.

    Austin High School in Texas has removed candy from its vending machines. Now some enterprising students are earning $200 per week dealing in black market candy.

    If current trends continue, Medicare costs will absorb 51% of all income tax revenues by 2042.

    In 21 states, Wal-Mart is the single largest employer.

    At General Motors, the cost of health care for employees now exceeds the cost of steel.

    The chicken is one of the few things that we eat before it's born and after it's dead.

    The thong accounts for 25% of the United States women's underwear market.

    On average, 40% of all hotel rooms in the United States remain empty every night.

    When you hear a bullwhip snap, it's because the tip is traveling faster than the speed of sound.

    The "you are here" arrow on maps is called an ideo locator.

    60% of all US potato products originate in Idaho.

    61,000 people are airborne over the US at any given time

    20% of Americans think that the sun orbits around the Earth.

    Each year, over 1,000,000 people fail to itemize out the mortgage interest deduction on their income taxes. Last year, this amounted to $473,000,000 in taxes.

    The number of US college students studying Latin is three times the number studying Arabic.

    Almost 20% of the billions of dollars American taxpayers are spending to rebuild Iraq are lost to theft, kickbacks and corruption.

    Only 6% of the autographs in circulation from members of the Beatles are estimated to be real.

    The time spent deleting SPAM costs United States businesses $21.6 billion annually.

    John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the United States, loved to skinny dip in the Potomac River.

    The world's oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old.

    In space, astronauts cannot cry, because there is no gravity, so the tears can't flow.

    About 3000 years ago, most Egyptians died by the time they were 30.

    More people use blue toothbrushes than red ones.

    41% of Chinese people eat at least once a week at a fast food restaurant. 35% of Americans do.

    A Wisconsin forklift operator for a Miller beer distributor was fired when a picture was published in a newspaper showing him drinking a Bud Light.

    G-rated family films earn more money than any other rating. Yet only 3% of Hollywood's output is G-rated.

    Mailmen in Russia now carry revolvers after a recent decision by the government.

    All of Queen Anne's 17 children died before she did.

    There are over 87,000 Americans on waiting lists for organ transplants.

    American made parts account for only 1% of the Chrysler Crossfire. 96% of the Ford F-150 Heritage Truck is American.

    More people study English in China than speak it in the United States of America (300 million).

    For every person on earth, there are an estimated 200 million insects.

    There are 2,000,000 millionaires in the United States.

    1.5 million Americans are charged with drunk driving each year.

    A Georgia company will mix your loved one's ashes with cement and drop it into the ocean to form an artificial reef.

    The busiest shopping hour of the holiday season is between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Christmas Eve.

    Most of the deck chairs on the Queen Mary 2 have had to be replaced because overweight Americans were breaking them.

    Actor Bill Murray doesn't have a publicist or an agent.

    Only 30% of stolen artwork worth more than $1,000,000 each is recovered.

    The typical American child receives 70 new toys a year, most of them during the holiday season.

    90% of Canada's 31,000,000 citizens live within 100 miles of the U.S. border.

    Costco is the largest wine retailer in the United States. Annual wine sales are about $700 million.

    The worst air polluter in the entire state of Washington is Mount St. Helens.

    There are less than 100 surviving American World War I veterans.

    Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England, but only in tropical fish stores.

    About 20% of gift cards are never redeemed at the full value of the card.

    Billboard magazine has recently launched a top 20 chart of cell phone ringtones.

    The US Army is handing out $2,500 to Fallujah residents whose property was destroyed by US planes and artillery.

    George W. Bush, who presents himself as a man of faith, rarely went to church. Yet he received votes from nearly two out of three voters who attend church at least once a week.

    In 2015, it is estimated that half the federal budget will be spent on programs for the elderly.
    A private elementary school in Alexandria, Virginia, accidentally served margaritas to its schoolchildren, thinking it was limeade.

    Even today, 90% of the continental United States is still open space or farmland.

    The second Saturday in September is usually a popular time for weddings. Not in 2004, as most couples did not want their anniversaries on September 11.

    Mel Gibson has personally earned almost $400,000,000 from his movie "The Passion of the Christ".

    In 2004, Virgin Atlantic Airlines introduced a double bed for first class passengers who fly together.

    The drive-through line on opening day at the McDonald's restaurant in Kuwait City, Kuwait was at times seven miles long.

    Oprah Winfrey and Elvis Presley are distant cousins.

    The province of Alberta, Canada is completely free of rats.

    Hawaii is moving toward Japan 4 inches every year.

    Illinois has the most personalized license plates of any state.

    55% of Americans claim they would continue working even if they received a $10,000,000 lottery prize.

    The company that manufactures the greatest number of women's dresses each year is Mattel. Barbie's got to wear something.

    La Paz, Bolivia is the world's most fireproof city. At 12,000 feet about sea level, the amount of oxygen in the air barely supports a flame.

    The estates of 22 dead celebrities earned over $5 million in 2004. These celebrities include Elvis Presley, Dr. Seuss, Charles Schulz, J.R.R. Tolkien and John Lennon.

    A strand from the web of a golden spider is as strong as a steel wire of the same size.

    A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans.

    About a third of all Americans flush the toilet while they're still sitting on it.

    George Washington spent about 7% of his annual salary on liquor.

    Each year, more people are killed by teddy bears than by grizzly bears.

    Nearly one third of New York City public school teachers send their own children to private schools.

    The New York City Police Department has a $3.3 billion annual budget, larger than all but 19 of the world's armies.

    In September 2004, a Minnesota state trooper issued a speeding ticket to a motorcyclist who was clocked at 205 mph.

    Al Gore's roommate in college (Harvard, class of 1969) was Tommy Lee Jones.

    In her later years, Florence Nightingale kept a pet owl in her pocket.

    China is the world's largest market for BMW's top of the line 760Li. This car sells for $200,000 in China - more than almost all people in China make in a lifetime.

    A chef's hat is shaped the way it is for a reason: its shape allows air to circulate around the scalp, keeping the head cool in a hot kitchen.

    Life expectancy for Russian men has actually gone down over the past 40 years. A Russian male born today can expect to live an average 58 years.

    Each year, sixteen million gallons of oil run off pavement into streams, rivers and eventually oceans in the United States. This is more oil than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez.

    Solid structures (parking lots, roads, buildings) in the United States cover an area the size of Ohio.

    A Brussels Airlines flight to Vienna was aborted because the pilot was attacked in the cockpit. The attacker was a passenger's cat, who got out of its travel bag.

    Physicists have already performed a simple type of teleportation, transferring the quantum characteristics of one atom onto another atom at a different location.

    One of pitcher Nolan Ryan's jockstraps recently sold at auction for $25,000.

    All radios in North Korea have been rigged so listeners can only receive a North Korean government station. The United States recently announced plans to smuggle $2,000,000 worth of small radios into the country so North Koreans can get a taste of (what their government calls) "rotten imperialist reactionary culture".

    23% of employees say they have had sex in the office.

    Bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers were all invented by women.

    The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.

    In all three Godfather films, when you see oranges, there is a death (or a very close call) coming up soon.

    Even though it was outlawed in 1920, the last legal spitball was thrown by New York Yankee Hall of Famer, Burleigh Grimes in 1934. At the time of the outlaw, anyone already using a spitball was allowed to continue. Burleigh Grimes continued for another fourteen years.


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